Turning passive news readers into active newsgamers


NewsGamer is an immersive narrative tool to simulate real-life conflicts as they appear in the news.

NewsGamer reduces the costs and time requirements to create a newsgame, enabling newsrooms and classrooms to quickly create highly engaging interactive content. 


What is a newsgame?

In a newsgame your students assume the role of a leader: the US President, the UN Secretary General, a mayor, or a CEO tackling an intractable challenge or a full blown crisis. They succeed or fail based on their choices, while learning about the drivers of a conflict, the policy options available, and their consequences.


how do we better explain complexity and teach critical thinking?

Our kids are growing up in an education system that often fails to equip them with critical thinking and leadership skills so essential to succeed in the 21st century. What can we do better? 


enter immersive storytelling

Interactive gamified storytelling is an effective way to help students navigate the complexities of today’s world. Newsgames allow you to step into the narrative and through non-linear storytelling empowers to digest complicated political, economic, and social issues in a playful way. 


create a newsgame in less than an hour

You can create a newsgame for your class in less than an hour. You pick any topic and fill out one of our easy to use templates to develop the story. That is it. No need to do any coding or design. Your newsgame is ready to be played by your students. You can also assign to create a newsgame themselves, working individually or as a team. 


co-create, share and sell your own newsgames

The NewsGamer CREATOR tool offers an intuitive content management tool that allows educators to create newsgame quickly and easily on any topic.

The NewsGamer MARKETPLACE will provide a seamless ecosystem where creators can offer their games to a global community of educators and learners in both formal and informal educational settings.

Members of the NewsGamer COMMUNITY can play, co-create, share, and rate games together.

Our Story and Mission


We are a team of policymakers, journalists, gamers and coders, who have been alarmed by the rise of populism and the plight of fact-based quality journalism all over the world.


We believe interactive gamified storytelling is an effective way to help people navigate the complexities of the news and promote empathytowards differing viewpoints, creating a more civilized public discourse.


We aim to transform news consumption through introducing agency, turning passive news readers into active “news-players”: better- informed and civic-minded citizens.


We leverage the power of gamified learning to make learning engaging and interactive. Games provide a sense of agency as they allow you to step into the narrative, create awareness of the impact of decisions on all stakeholders, improve knowledge absorption and retention, embrace responsibility and accountability, and promote empathy, all leading to a more engaged learning experience that facilitates better knowledge retention.

Newsgames enhance the learning experience for all age groups, offer real-time feedback and are proven to prompt behavioral change. They can drive strong behavioral change, especially when combined with the scientific principles of repeated retrieval and spaced repetition.

our team

David Koranyi

Former Hungarian national security advisor, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council and policy advisor at the United Nations. 







Tamas Kenessey

Former Google Fellow, EU policy expert and journalist turned coder, web-designer and digital venture capitalist